10 EASY  Body and Life HACKS to Feeling Better and Eliminating Stress TODAY!
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What you are going to get:

  • How to overcome the 3 biggest (Unknown) problems that is holding most Christians back from truly healing and thriving
  • What you can do TODAY to shift your whole life and set you up to win not just in freedom but in the purpose God has destined for you
  • ​How to start healing health problems like Insomnia, Heart problems, IBS, SIBO, Chronic inflammation and more by focusing on one key part of your body that most people overlook
Speaking from experience...
Hi! If we haven't officially met, welcome! My name is Jessica Cronin. As a child, teen, and young adult I was sexually and physically abused and traumatized. I was diagnosed with severe PTSD. Doctors said I may never come off medications for it. Today, not only am I FREE from anxiety and PTSD but I have more peace, more purpose, and more joy than ever before. How? First off, Jesus. Secondly, mentors and programs he aligned for me and powerful tools I was given. Today, My husband and I want to share this free guide with you sharing some of the major mind, body, and life hacks that we discovered and hundreds of others we have helped that started our journey to become free and THRIVING! We can't wait to hear your testimony of healing and unimaginable success in life and in your God purpose! 

My Name is Jonathan Cronin

Hi! As a child, I had it made. I had christian parents and I didn't lack for anything. However, I go off track following the lord and had an emptiness in my spirit. I was diagnosed with ADHD and took medications for it that shut me down socially. Out of striving to belong and be seen I followed down the path of drugs and became suicidal until I was in jail and Jesus encountered me and radically changed my life. After that experience, I went to ministry school BUT I still didn't know how to live out my freedom fully so I struggled with depression and addictions to pornography. Eventually, I got tired of feeling stuck, I started seeking mentors and peers that were purpose driven and pasion-filled. I made major changes in my life. Today, I am have seen unimaginable success and freedom. Out of all the many counselors and programs I was a part of my wife and I put together this quick guide that shares some of the most critical components to our freedom! 
That's not all...
In the guide we'll also show you:
Physical health Strategies
To love yourself, you need to take care of yourself. The feeling will follow the actions you take! 
How to hear God's voice
Initmacy with God depends on you listening to Him. This will grow your sensitivity to hearing him. 
Discover Purpose
After discovering your purpose and passions in life, you need to start implementing them with realistic goal setting. 
How to impact your world
Purpose is also hard to fully grasp until you start taking action. This is going to be a pivitol piece. 
Who has this worked for?

Taylor Knapp, Wife and full-time Mom of 4! 

Taylor went from anxiety, panic attacks, and out of control schedule to feeling confident, peace, and deep joy!

Audrey Simmons, Mom and Teacher

Audrey went from depression and stress to losing weight, taking control of health, and feeling close to Jesus! 

Cherie Testimony

Cherie is a powerful christian mom but was so anxious and depressed she barely ever left her house. She is now thriving and her family is even being restored and reunited. 

David, Dad of 4 and business owner

David went from feeling passionless and stuck spiritually to thriving and now spending more time with Jesus and family plus investing in real estate! 
Learn the 10 hacks that helped us and hundreds of others we get to coach!

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